We have a few spots left in our Week 1&2 Summer Camps!

We have just a week left to register for some of these June Summer Camps…

Some have already Sold Out. We’re sharing the number of spots we still have left in the various camps to make it a little easier for you, but if there’s one your child is particularly interested in – Don’t Wait.

We still have a couple spots left in these particular camps for Week One, June 5-9.

In Crafty Creations, we’re working on handicrafts such as Gem/Diamond Painting, Clay Bead Jewelry Making, Simple Cross Stitch, Latch Hook, Hand-Sewing with a Template, Perler Beans, and Rainbow Loom, Polymer Clay Crafts, and more!

In Engineering Hurricanes, we’ll learn all about various building practices along the Gulf Coast and how we can use them to build a house with various materials to protect against hurricanes. We’ve got a really fun way to “create our own hurricane” in which we will “test” out the houses we spend our week making to see how they hold up.

Looking now to Week 2… June 12-16

Not only will we be learning about Saving for our Dreams & Spending Money Responsibly, we’re going to host our own…

Community Lemonade Stand!

Campers will vote to decide what to do with the money they make in their Lemonade Stand. They can either use it to have a party or do something fun as a group or divide it and keep it to save for those financial goals they come up with during the week! It’s such a fun opportunity for them to learn all about money but also entrepreneurship & business.

We’ll be doing all the fun and messy Science Experiments in this camp… Volcano Eruptions, Oobleck, Candy Chromatography, Changing-Color Potions, Mento Geysers, and more!

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