We’re giving away a FREE Summer Camp this weekend at the Pine Hill Festival!

APR 27, 2023


We CAN’T WAIT for you to see our special tent that will basically be a miniature version of our 8,000 square foot playhouse!

Our “Playhouse Tent” (located directly in front of the old Fred’s building on the Park Side) will be decked out with…

  • Several SENSORY Play Set-Ups(even some Water Events to Keep the Kiddos Cool out there!)
  • LEGOS, Blocks, and Other Things to Build & Construct
  • A special Pine Hill Festival Art Project!

FREE Summer Camp Giveaway!

For each Arm Band Purchased, your child will earn an entry to WIN your Choice of a FREE Summer Camp or a Half Price Basic Birthday Package! ($150 Value) They’ll simply write their name and phone number on their Arm Band & turn it in at the end of their Play Session at the Pine Hill Festival!

While your little ones play, this is the perfect time for you to
Learn all About & even Register them for…

  • Our Summer Camps
    (We have 5 Day Summer Camps in June & Mini Camps in July!)
  • Our HomeSchool Co-Op Classes for Next School Year
  • Our After-School Tutoring Program for Next School Year

We can’t wait to see you there!

Now let’s take a look ahead at what the Summer will look like for us at Glowbug’s Playhouse…

We have Open Play EVERY SATURDAY during June & July!
We also have Birthday Party Slots available on Friday & Saturday afternoons!

To learn more about our Summer Camps, visit our Seasonal & Day Camps Webpage here to see all of the…

  • Camp Details
  • Pricing
  • Camp Schedule
  • List of Camp Descriptions
  • You can even Register by filling out the form right on the page!

Learn more about Summer Camps here!

To learn more about our Homeschool Co-Op Classes, visit our Programs & Classes Webpage here to see all of the…

  • Registration Deadlines
  • Course Credits & Pricing Information
  • Payment Options
  • Class Schedule
  • Course Descriptions
  • You can even Register your student by filling out the form right on the page!

Learn more about Classes here!

We have updated our Birthday Party Packages, and you can now Book them Online!

Let us help you to host the most memorable party experience your child has ever had! Our Party Assistants will be here to help you set up, decorate, make sure everything goes perfectly smooth, and they’ll even clean up afterwards! We want to make this experience as stress-free as possible so you can truly enjoy your time and make beautiful memories with your family, friends, and party guests!

Our Basic Party Package is $300 and Includes:

  • Private Rental of our facility with Inflatable Slides, Bouncy House, Obstacle Course
  • Indoor Play Space filled with fun things for children and adults alike
    Dress-Up, Dramatic Play & Pretend, Legos, Blocks and Construction, a Train Table, Puzzles, Domino Set-ups, Play-Doh, Barbies, Dolls, Arts & Crafts, and so much more!
  • Picnic Tables Available for up to 45 Guests (Tablecloths will be provided)
  • We provide 2 Party Assistants that will help Set Up, Decorate, and Clean Up
  • You may bring your own food, party supplies, & decor, but we also have these things available as add-on features to create your perfect party experience!

Some of the Add-On Features We Offer:

  • Additional Party Time
  • Add an Extra Birthday Child
  • Professional Party Photographer to Capture the Special Moments of your Party as well as Candid Shots of Memories being Made
  • Pizzas
  • Assorted Individual Bags of Chips
  • Canned Sodas & Drinks
  • Custom Cookies from Cater’s Confections
  • Custom Cupcakes from Cater’s Confections
  • Juice Pouches or Boxes
  • Party Fruit or Veggie Tray
  • Plates, Napkins, Cutlery
  • Printed Invitations to Hand out to your Guests
  • Themed Decor Items
  • Themed Goody Bags
  • Themed Game or Craft of your Choice
  • Unlimited Coffee and Tea for Guests

We are SO EXCITED to be able to offer these special options, and we are working to add even more in the coming weeks & months!

Learn more about Birthday Parties here!

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