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Join us for our Happy Easter Eggstavaganza on Good Friday, April 7th!

It’s time to start thinking about your Summer-time plans…

  • Crafty Creations – In this camp, we’re going to make a mess and do all the fun crafts & creations that kids like to do! Tie-dye, Clay Bead-Making, Rainbow Loom, Perler Beads, Friendship Bracelets, etc.
  • Engineering Hurricanes – Using what we learn about hurricanes during the week and how they affect various building practices along the Gulf Coast, we will explore different materials and build our own “Hurricane-proof” houses. Then, we’ll test them by creating our own “hurricanes”!
  • Lego Robotics – Students will spend the week designing, building, and coding Robots using LEGOS!
  • Camp Culinary – In this camp, we’ll learn and practice lots of basic cooking skills such as proper measurement, knife skills, and stovetop safety. We’ll prepare and cook various dishes and baked goods throughout the week. There will be lots of sampling and tasting and perhaps even a dish or two brought home for the family to enjoy!
  • Money Matters – In this camp focusing on Money Mindsets, we’ll learn how to Save for our Dreams, Spend Money Responsibly, and the Do’s and Don’ts of Budgeting. We’ll finish the week learning about Marketing & Entrepreneurship as we host our own Community Lemonade Stand!
  • Sensory Science Experiments – In this camp, we’ll be doing all of the fun and messy science experiments… Volcano Eruptions, Oobleck, Candy Chromatography, Changing Color Potions, Mento Geysers, and more!
  • Insects & Arachnids – In this camp, we’ll explore Arthropods. We’ve taken the most fun lessons & activities from our recent Science Unit Study and made them into a camp! We’ll study our Ant Farm, Learn about Honey Bees, Make Honey-Candy, Release Butterflies, and Dissect Crawfish.
  • Board Game Tournament – We’re taking the really fun board games and adding them to a Tournament Bracket that we complete throughout the week. There will be lots of fun & prizes!
  • SING! Music & Talent Show – We’ll be singing our favorite songs all week and working on a Special Talent Performance from each camper and songs that we’ll sing together as a group. We’ll end the week with a special Talent Show from all of our Campers!
  • Simple Machines (STEM) – Don’t let the name fool you – Simple Machines are anything but SIMPLE. These amazing creations have helped build pyramids, treehouses, and everything in between. Join us as we learn how they can help us in every day lives and even get to build our own!
  • Quiet on Set! – Students will spend the week learning theater basics and putting together their very own skit that they will present at the end of camp.
  • Survivor! Island Edition (STEM) – Can you survive on a deserted island? Using just natural resources, students will have to build their own shelters, filter water, gather food, and more to survive a week on their island!
  • Simple Gardening – In this camp, we’ll be learning about various gardening concepts and putting them into practice. Each camper will get to bring home their own seedlings to nurture and watch grow.

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Homeschool Families, get excited!

Our Class Schedule & all of the details will be available on our website Monday, April 3rd! We’ve got opportunities for students of all ages this coming year and ways for parents to save on Co-op tuition costs as well! We have spent this year learning, and we are So Excited that we get to be Stone County’s very first Local, Homeschool

If there’s a class you’re interested in for your child(ren) in a group setting or even one that you would be interested in teaching, now is the time to let us know so we can get it added to our Class Line-up.

Simply respond to this email, leave a comment, or message us on Facebook or by text message! We’d love to take all of these ideas & requests into consideration!

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