Registration Deadline

The Deadline to Register for our Tuesday & Thursday Classes is today, January 5th.

We want to be sure to have materials prepped and supplies purchased, ready for your student(s) for class to begin on Tuesday.

Morning Time is a class that will last all semester. It’s “pay per class” so you only pay for the classes you attend. You may join this class at any time, but there is a $20 Supply Fee for the Semester that covers art supplies & helps with the purchase of new resources for the class to enjoy. Some of the Art & Read Alouds will reflect the current Science Unit Study.

Group Science: We wanted to fit two “Spring-related” unit studies in this semester, so we added a second day for Science each week. The first course we’ll study is Arthropods, followed by Birds, which we’ll share details on later. There is a $35 Supply Fee for the Arthropods Unit. This includes each child’s very own dissection kit, magnifying glass, and helps us purchase the rest of the supplies in bulk to keep the costs per family down.

Group History & Geography: We’ve outlined the semester to be sure we have enough time to study each of the remaining continents in the time that we have. New students can join us when we begin studying a new continent, and we will announce those as the time approaches. First up is Asia! Each continent study will end with a potluck party of various foods from that region. Other than the potluck party where each family is encouraged to bring a dish, there are no additional supply costs for this course.

Special Note: Science & History are not “pay per class” courses, meaning the lessons build on each other, and you really need each class meeting to get the full benefit of the course. Therefore, we require you to pay for the entire course. We will offer monthly payment plans in installments upon request.

Class Cards will be accepted for these classes as well, but you must bring your Class Card with you for us to honor it.

Register for Classes

Starting this Month!

This is something we’ve been asked about since we started our program at Glowbug’s Playhouse, and it’s finally time to roll it out! Thank you so much for your patience with us.

  • You can message us to discuss your needs & set up your first appointment.
  • Mrs. Angela will assess your student & develop a tutoring plan to help them with their specific needs.
  • She’ll give you an estimate of how many sessions your student may need to help them master the skills they are needing extra help with.

For our students that are currently enrolled in our After-School Tutoring Program, our hired tutors do their very best to provide activities to help students with the content & skills they are working on in school. However, sometimes individual students may need more of a one-on-one approach, and if that’s the case— this is open to them as well. Mrs. Angela can work these sessions in while they are here with us if they are needing extra help.

Let’s start the conversation to see how we can be the best help to you and your student. We are here to offer our support to parents, teachers, and the local schools to see these students succeed!

If you’re ready to set up that first assessment & consult, feel free to use the link below to do so.

Schedule your Appointment

Once-a-Month S.T.E.M. & Life Skills Classes

(Now Also Being Offered on the 3rd Saturday of the Month!)

These once-a-month Friday classes work well for our Homeschoolers, but we’ve decided to offer these two classes on the 3rd Saturday of the month as well to make it available for more students who in the traditional school setting. We will cover the same topics & skills on both days so families may choose whichever class offering works best for them. Participants will not need to attend both days of these classes.

Register for Classes

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