We’re just ONE day away!

We’ve been asked and asked when we are going to have our next Pop-Up Play Date, but actually… we don’t even need to because starting September 1st, we’ll be open just about every day! That’s right!

You’re invited!
Open Play Tuesday – Saturday 10:00 – 2:00

We will be OPEN for Labor Day!

We know most workers & students have the day off on Monday, September 5th for Labor Day, so we wanted to give your family an option of something fun to do together during the day! You work hard, so this is your day to play hard & have fun!

This Month at Glowbug’s Playhouse…

We’re gearing up for an exciting month here at Glowbug’s Playhouse! Not only are we opening our doors to the public for Open Play Opportunities, but many of our classes will also be starting this month, as well!

Little Bugs Club: This club is for our smallest members! It was created especially for toddlers & preschoolers and is a free option included with all memberships! Glowbug’s Playhouse opens early for our little guys on Wednesdays at 9am so they can have the place to themselves for a bit to read a story, sing songs, do a special craft, and play!

Group History: (All Around the World in 180 Days)
This is a Group History & Geography Class available for Homeschoolers.
Meets Thursdays at 10:00 A.M.
Cost is $180 for the Semester & includes all Supplies for the Class
Group Science: (Ecosystems Unit Study)This is a Group Science Class available for Homeschoolers.
Meets Thursdays at 11:00 A.M.
Cost is $135 & includes all Supplies for the Class

S.T.E.M. Class This is a Once-a-Month Class available for Homeschoolers.
Cost is $15/participant & includes all Supplies for the S.T.E.M. Project

Life Skills Class
This is a Once-a-Month Class available for Homeschoolers.
Cost is $15/participant & includes all Supplies

(*We’re looking to add a Skills Saturday Session that will be available for all students. Date TBD)

Birthday Parties
For more information about our Birthday Party Options, visit our website page here with all of the details. Call or message us to book your party! 601-928-8680

Here are some of the things you can look forward to…

First up —> A dedicated & curated Infant & Toddler Area so we can keep our little bugs safe while they explore and play

Next —> A stage for all of our little performers… We’re hoping to add a projector & screen for Kids’ & Family Movie nights & a Gaming System for Older Kids & Teens! We really have SO MANY ideas of things we could do with this set up!

Then —> Playhouses, swings, & climbing equipment – oh my! What would an “Indoor Playground” be without all of these?! Obviously, these are the things that are the ultimate vision for what Glowbug’s Playhouse is meant to be, but it’s going to take a little time to make it absolutely perfect for our kiddos! We’re already working with a local contractor on these plans, and we’ll be working with local businesses soon to create a “Miniature Wiggins” of Store Set-ups, Roads for kids to drive their little ride-on cars on, and Houses to climb & play! It’s seriously going to be the best!

Become a Member, and SAVE!

We’re really excited about everything we’ve got going on at Glowbug’s Playhouse! We’ve been planning and dreaming about these things for months, and it’s finally time to kick some of them off. We’re so thankful for the support of our community and we can’t wait for you guys to come and see all we have to offer. Of course, there will be tons more added over the coming months, but we hope you’ll come and enjoy what we have available now because we’re definitely off to a great start!

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