Indoor Playground

What is Glowbug’s Playhouse?

Our Playhouse is a place where kids can truly just be kids. They are encouraged to move around, be active, & explore the many toys & learning manipulatives that spark their curiosity!

At Glowbug’s Playhouse, we offer educational and extracurricular opportunities for all students, whether homeschooled or educated in a traditional setting. We believe that “Play” is a child’s work, and they learn best through play. We want to provide the opportunities for them to explore things they might not be able to, otherwise, and do so in a safe & supervised way.

What do we mean by “Open Play”?

Open Play refers to any time that our Playhouse is Open for the Public to Come & Play. We are not a licensed childcare facility, so WE DO REQUIRE that children are accompanied by a grownup when they come to Open Play.

The only exceptions to this rule are our After-School Tutoring Program, our Classes, & our Mini-Camps where we have a Licensing Exemption from the State Health Department. For those events, we have a full schedule of activities to fill our time & staff available to supervise children adequately.

We encourage parents, grandparents, babysitters, or other grownups that bring children to our playhouse to join in and play with them. We also know that sometimes it’s nice to have a place to sit and relax or work on something for a bit while the kids play freely on their own. As long as the grownup is present and supervising the child(ren) they brought with them, it’s cool with us!

As our business grows and Open Play Times get busier, it’s our goal to have additional staff members present that will assist with the supervision of children & playing with them as well.

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